Real Estate

Whether you are a family purchasing your first home or a corporation purchasing property, the attorneys at LevinCyphers can assist you. We currently handle a variety of real estate purchases and sales including commercial leases, cash purchases, purchases with mortgages, residential sales, commercial sales and the recent purchase of penthouse condominiums at 432 Park Avenue in New York City, which at its completion will be the tallest residential skyscraper in New York. LevinCyphers also has experience handling foreclosure matters. If you need an attorney to help with your real estate purchase or sale, contact LevinCyphers at (732) 240-0909.

Residential Real Estate

Purchasing and selling a home is a major financial transaction. It is important to enlist the assistance of an attorney in order to protect you. Our familiarity with this area helps assure that the most complicated transactions proceed smoothly. Our attorneys are aided by skilled paralegals that help them protect your interests. No matter what your specific needs, the Firm’s Real Estate attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle all types of real estate transactions in the region. The attorneys and staff at LevinCyphers can assist you with:

  • Home sales
  • Home purchases
  • Resolution of Inspection and Associated Issues
  • Review and Resolution of Title Documents/Issues
  • Preparing for, facilitating and conducting Closing of the Transaction
  • Easements and Boundary Disputes
  • Removal of Liens, Judgments and Encroachments

Commercial Real Estate

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling Commercial Real Estate transactions and have developed the necessary skills and experience to advise our clients. Our attorneys can assist you with the varied array of legal issues involved in the acquisition, sale, lease, management, development and financing of commercial real estate. Our attorneys can assist you in:

• The preparation, negotiation and finalization of contracts.

• Performing due diligence, obtaining title searches and facilitating investigations and governmental compliance

• Reviewing, negotiating and resolving mortgage financing and conducting closings.

• Helping navigate commercial mortgage loans, construction financing and mortgage modifications.

• Representing landlords and tenants in the negotiation, preparation, evaluation and resolution of commercial leases.

• Representing developers and other property owners with regard to the negotiation and preparation of deeds of easement, deeds of dedication, restrictive covenants, homeowner association governance documents and similar documents and instruments.


LevinCyphers represents tenants as well as both commercial property landlords and residential property landlords in lease disputes. We provide legal advice to both landlords and tenants on issues including eviction, security deposits, collection of rents owed, destruction to property, and disorderly conduct of tenants and violation of lease terms. Our practice includes private landlords and tenants, as well as large and small corporations as a landlord or a tenant that is a corporation must be represented by an attorney in all matters filed in the Landlord/Tenant Court.

We ensure that the landlords have given proper notice to tenants before certain eviction complaints are filed, we accompany the client to Court and assist in the mediation process, which is required in all Landlord Tenant Courts if mediation is not successful, we have experienced trial attorneys who will present the evidence to the Court at Trial. We can help!